TrendCompass- A Data Visualization Gem

As a data visualization expert, Siddharth Mehta's feedback carries significant weight in the evaluation of EPIC Systems' Trend Compass. His expertise and keen eye for data visualization intricacies have contributed valuable insights to the review process. Through detailed analysis and thoughtful commentary, Siddharth's feedback has shed light on the software's strengths and potential areas for improvement.

On my recent post, I received a request is the form of comment from someone claiming to be from EPIC Systems requesting a review of their product. Out of curiosity I took a look of the product and after my initial review, I can say that this product definitely looks like a raw gem which can be made an industry class standard in data visualization and analysis. There are still some questions open in my mind regarding this software, which I would come across very shortly.

If anyone has worked on dashboards using platforms / technologies like performancepoint, novaview, mySap portal, dundas dashboards, telerik dashboards etc, analytical charts is one of the components that works in the context of scorecards. We are accustomed to analyze and represent data in the form of year to year or quater to quater using functions like ParallelPeriod in MDX. Now this period is defined in the form of slicers which functionally works as filters rather than an axis. Also many on these analytical charts developed using excel services and other regular image / graphic based functionality are not that impressive, though the Santa Claus of Microsoft ( I mean to say Silverlight ) is changing the traditional way of dashboard development. In summary interactive motion graphics and time as an axis concept is almost absent in present days dashboards, except Silverlight based ones.

For a detailed review and insights on TrendCompass , click on the following link.