Epic Systems On Wamda

The provided text discusses the economic policy shift in Egypt and its impact on EPIC Systems, a Cairo-based IT services company. In the aftermath of the events at Tahrir Square, Egypt's economic policies have undergone a transformation. EPIC Systems has adapted to this shift by focusing on the global market, given the challenges of selling specialized products like Trend Compass in the local market.

As EPIC Systems, under the leadership of Hisham Abdel Maguid, embraces the global market, their experiences in international ventures provide invaluable insights and exposure to diverse business practices. This exposure positions the company with a competitive edge as they expand their horizons beyond Egypt's borders. Additionally, the evolving economic landscape presents EPIC Systems with the chance to tap into emerging opportunities in various sectors.

As the company contemplates refocusing on the purely local market, the team at EPIC Systems is well aware of the challenges that lie ahead. Adapting their product offerings to cater to local demands and preferences will be crucial in capitalizing on this potential opportunity. By aligning their strategies with the changing needs of the Egyptian market, EPIC Systems can enhance their competitiveness and build a strong foothold in their home country.

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