Augmented Reality (AR)

Is a cutting-edge technology that enhances the real-world environment by adding digital elements to it.

At Epic Systems, our team of experts specializes in creating AR experiences that enhance the way people interact with the world around them. Whether you're looking to boost engagement in your marketing campaigns, create innovative educational experiences, or streamline your business processes, our AR solutions can help you achieve your goals.


We Offer a Wide

Increased engagement

AR technology has been shown to increase user engagement and improve brand recall.

Visualization and Prototyping

Enable users to visualize products, designs, and concepts in the real world, facilitating better understanding and decision-making.

Training and Education

Develop AR solutions for training simulations, enabling users to learn and practice complex tasks in a realistic and interactive environment.

Marketing and Advertising

Utilize AR to create unique and memorable marketing campaigns, allowing users to interact with products and experiences in innovative ways.

Interactive Storytelling

Users actively participate and shape the story, enhancing engagement and enjoyment.

Streamlined processes

AR can help streamline various business processes, from training and maintenance to product demonstrations and more


Discovery and Ideation: Understand client objectives, target audience, and desired outcomes. Brainstorm and ideate AR solutions.

Design and Development: Collaborate on UI, interaction design, and content integration. Develop using AR platforms and tools.

Content Creation: Create visually appealing 3D models, animations, videos, and interactive elements.

Integration & Testing: Integrate into hardware or mobile platforms. Conduct rigorous testing for performance and user experience.

Deployment & Maintenance: Assist with deployment, provide ongoing support, updates, and maintenance.

Once launched,

The AR experience undergoes iterative improvements based on user feedback and data analysis.

Updates and enhancements

Regular updates maintain user engagement in the AR experience.

Ongoing monitoring and analytics

User behavior is monitored and analyzed to optimize the AR experience.

Continuous evaluation

Continuous evaluation and iteration drive improvements in the AR experience based on user feedback and changing requirements.

Case Studies

At Epic Systems,

  • We have a wealth of experience creating AR experiences for clients in a variety of industries. Some of our recent AR projects include:
  • Realistic Furniture Simulations: The app offers realistic 3D models and simulations of various furniture designs, allowing users to visualize and interact with virtual furniture pieces.
  • Epic Mar : App offers a powerful feature that allows you to detect and recognize various objects or images in the real world simply by scanning them with your phone camera. Whether it's advertisements, flyers, logos, or other visual elements, the app utilizes advanced image recognition technology to instantly identify and provide relevant information or interactions related to the scanned content. This enables users to quickly access additional details, such as product information, related content, or interactive experiences, all within the convenience of their mobile device.

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