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Trend Compass
Free Trial Version

Trend Compass version 1.2

Download the free trial version of Trend Compass and enjoy lots of options for a 30 days trial period. Feel free to learn more about the application, experience it faster, try your own data on your computer without the need to visit the web site, and explore lots of new features available only in Trend Compass.

System Requirements:

  1. Microsoft Windows XP or Vista.
  2. .Net Framework 2.0. (Download)
  3. Flash Player version 10. (Download)
  4. Windows Installer version 3.1. (Download)
  5. Access Database Engine.(Download)

Requirements For "Video Export" feature only:

  1. Windows Media Encoder 9. (Download)
  2. Windows Media 9 - Hotfix. (Vista users Only) (Download)

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Download Trend Compass software 1.2.2(size 15.2 MG)
Download a complete package 1.2.2(size 81.2 MG)