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Excel file specification


1. Data is read by Column from the Excel file. Thus Col "A" will have the Date, Col "B" will have the X coordinate and Col "C" the Y coordinate.
2. Every Object needs at least 3 Columns. So Object 1 is in Col (A,B,C) then Object 2 is in Col (D,E,F) and so on.
3. Now we need to enter some descriptions in Rows:
Row 1 : A1=DATE,B1=VALUE,C1=VALUE for 1st object and D1=DATE,E1=VALUE,F1=VALUE for 2nd object and so on
Row 2 : A2=(description),B2=(description),C2=(description) for 1st object and so on
Row 3 : A3=(Object Description),B3=(X Axis Title),C3=(Y Axis Title) for 1st object and so on
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